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In three days, on April 22, South Africa discloses the year of general elections in the Southern African region. Malawi helds elections in May 2009 and later on this year Botswana, Namibia and Mozambique. Also German newspapers treat the South African elections. For example, the weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT in its latest print version on April 16 ( 63 / 17). The author Bartolomäus Grill underlined his article “Wahl ohne Helden” (“Elections without Heroes”) with the question whether or not South Africa will be democratic after the elections. He issues voter resignation, dishonoured promises of the government and still existing racial and tribal discrimination in South Africa. He also sees a small chance for the new Cope Party to win significant share for breaking the ANC predominance. The Cope manifesto, he says, is a blue print of the ANC manifesto. But does it really surprise, that the Cope Party position is close to the ANC since founding in November 2008 mainly with former ANC members? Does race, religion and tribes really matter for individual decision making in the ballot box, while poverty, crime and unemployment are strong issues? Does disappointed people rather resign elections than switch to alternative parties such as Cope or the Democratic Alliance (DA)? The Cope challenge is to take over 20 percent of the ANC share and an increasing DA share would change the party system of South Africa. A different party system could raise party competition in a way of reduced predominance. In three days we know more about South African people’s political will.


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