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Divided societies, racial campaigning and electoral outcome

Read what Reilly (2001) says about democratic competition in divided societies regarding ethnicity and electoral outcome: “Democratic competition is inherently difficult in such cases [of divided societies] because if the strong tendency towards politisation of ethnic demands, which in turn often leads to the growth of zero-sum, winner-take-all politics in which some groups are premanently included and some permanently excluded. Politicians in didvided societies face powerful incenties to play the ‘ethnic card’ and campaign align narrow sectarian lines, as this is often a more effective means of mobilising voter support than campaigning on the basis of issues or ideologies. A frequent result in multiethnic societies is that optimal outcomes for one player or group – electoral victory for one side on the back of a mobilised ethnic vote, for example – are accompanied by decidedly sub-optimal outcomes for the society as a whole (cf. Olson 1971), as identity politics becomes an increaslingly central part of the political game and the cycle of ethnic hostility and conflict unwins. The ‘bankruptcy of moderation’ (Rabushka and Shepsle 1972, 86) in such cases greatly undermines the prospects of peaceful democratic politics taking root.”


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South Africa general elections – An overview

The following table includes two parts. The first part shows the outcomes of all parties of the national assembly by shares for each election since 1994. The second part shows the participation of the electorate for each national election since 1994. This part distinguishes between the total amount of people at the age over 18 years and all registered voters. Latter distinction is valid for the voter turnout.

Electoral outcome 
Share by party / election 2009 2004 1999 1994
ACDP 0,81% 1,60% 1,43% 0,45%
ANC 65,90% 69,69% 66,35% 62,65%
Cope 7,42%
DA 16,60% 12,37% 9,56% 1,73%
ID 0,92% 1,73%
IFP 4,55% 6,97% 8,58% 10,54%
NNP susp. 1,65% 6,87% 20,39%
UDM 0,85% 2,27% 3,42%
Sum 97,05% 96,28% 96,21% 95,76%
Adult people ca. 30Mio  27 to 30Mio ca. 27Mio
Registered voters 22.872.870 20.674.926 18.172.751 na
Votes cast 17.680.729 15.612.671 15.977.142 na
Voter turnout all people over 18 years 58,9% 54,8% 59,2% na
Voter turnout registered voters 77,3% 75,5% 87,9% 86,9%

Source: IEC, EISA and StatsSA.

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