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UNIP Manifesto 2001 Zambia

To see the full document, please click UNIP 2001 Manifesto Zambia to open a pdf-file.

UNITED NATIONAL INDEPENDENT PARTY (from the Original document)



1. Message From the President

This manifesto is UNIP’s vision for Zambia in the new millennium. It is about our future, the future of our children and that of our families. This manifesto is about the people of Zambia, realising their hopes, meeting their needs and taking concrete steps to achieve them. It is the vision of how the women and men of UNIP plan to build a just and equitable society by rebuilding Zambia, once again, into a viable economy and a prosperous society. Indeed, for the first time since 1991, the People of Zambia can look forward to an era of hope for real fulfilment and prosperity, in dignity and unity. In the past eight years, our country has changed and changed for the worse. Our men and women in government have subjected our country to gross abuse. Our people have been thrown out of employment into misery and insecurity. Our children have been forced out of school, thrown into the streets, vending trinkets, apples oranges, and grapes from foreign lands. Our people once respected champions of liberty, freedom and justice and human dignity have been dehumanised and relegated to the fringe of the international society. We can no longer leave the confines of our borders without being anxious that we shall be searched on suspicions of drug trafficking. The MMD government has done the people of Zambia great injustice. It has engaged in deceit while proclaiming democracy. It has engaged in hatred while proclaiming Christianity. It has engaged in fraud and corruption while proclaiming transparency and accountability. The government has been poisoned by collective bad faith and polluted by individual greed. All that was painstakingly build over the years has been looted and shared by the leaders. Industries have been sold (for what one MMD cabinet minister described) as a song. Formal employment has dwindled to a mare 12% of the available labour force. Life expectancy has dropped from 47 years in our time, to 37 years during MMD’s rule. The quality of life is nothing to talk about for the 89% of Zambians. The MMD government has divided us with no hope for unity under an MMD government, as we continue to push our tribal and ethnic agendas. UNIP intends to reverse this political, social and economic tragedy. This manifesto bears testimony to our noble intentions. It is a social contract between UNIP and the people of Zambia to deliver for their betterment. It is a statement of our honest aims and objectives.  At the very heart of this manifesto is our belief that the strength of any nation is its people. Free women and men, with faith in God and in dignity working for themselves and their families, to defend their freedom, dignity, and their diverse heritages under the national motto ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION. We are confident that Zambians are still eager to face the challenges of the future through hard work and commitment to supplant the tragedy that has befallen Zambia. We have trust in the talent and character of our people and that given the opportunities provided under this manifesto, we can rebuild our economy and society through job creation, handwork, and sustainable economic development for all. Together we can build a nation of free responsible citizens, guided by Gods’ hand. Our vision of a just society can become a reality. This manifesto is but one little step for UNIP, but a giant step for the Zambian society. Your vote for UNIP is a commitment to the future of our children, our families, our country. It is a major step to a fair just and equitable society. In inviting you to vote for UNIP, we do so in recognition of our capacity to deliver on our promises.



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MMD Manifesto 2001 Zambia

To see the full text, please click MMD 2001 Manifesto Zambia to open a pdf-file.

Focusing on the economic growth and employment creation (from the original document)

“The Hour Has Come”

Contents … Page

1. Manifesto Keynote
1.1. Into the new Millennium … 1
Zambia: Focusing on Economic Growth and Employment Creation
2. Economic Policy and Objectives
2.1. Priorities and Strategies … 4
2.2. Economic Objectives … 4
3. Macro-economic Programmes
3.1. Private Sector Development and Investor Confidence … 6
3.2. Privatisation … 6
3.3. Fiscal Policy … 7
3.4. Monetary Policy … 7
3.5. Public Debt … 8
3.6. Macro-Economic Programmes … 8
4. Sectoral Economic Programmes
4.1. Agriculture … 9
4.2. Mining and Mineral Resources … 10
4.3. Commerce and Industry … 10
4.3.1. Micro and Small Scale Enterprises (SME’s)
4.3.2. Manufacturing
4.3.3. Trade
4.4 Tourism … 13
4.5. Land … 14
5. Social Economic Programmes
5.1. Infrastructure … 15
5.1.1. Roads
5.3.2. Transport
5.1.3. Railways
5.1.4. Shipping and Harbours
5.1.5. Air Transport – Aviation
5.3.2. Housing
5.2. Utilities … 17
5.2.1. Energy
5.2.2. Water and Sanitation
5.2.3. Telecommunications
5.3. Environmental Protection and Pollution Control … 19
6. Social Delivery Systems
6.1. Social Services … 20
6.1.1. Science, Technology and Vocational Training (“Skills for life”)
6.1.2. Education
6.1.3. Health
6.1.4. Social Welfare
6.1.5. Labour
6.2. Human Resources Specific … 24
6.2.1. Women in Development
6.2.2. Children and Youth
6.3. Housing and Shelter … 25
7. Democracy and Governance
7.1. Human Rights … 26
7.2. Separation of Powers … 26
7.3. Law Reform … 27
7.4. Crime and other Public Order Problems … 27
7.5. The Public Service … 28
7.6. Local Government … 28
7.7. Traditional Rulers … 29
7.8. The Mass Media … 29
7.9. Religious Affairs … 30
8. Foreign Affairs … 31
9. MMD, our political Party … 32
10. Defence and Security … 33



Zambia: Focusing on Economic Growth and Employment Creation.  We, Zambians of all social standing have an opportunity once again to exercise our hard won democratic right to elect representatives of our choice and a government we favour during the 2001 Presidential and General Elections. Every five years we go to elections as a Nation to evaluate the performance of our government in the previous five years, and to renew our Covenant with each other. The various political parties compete for the attention and support of the voters. As we commit ourselves to this election process, it is necessary, however, to reflect very seriously on the history of our country and recount every step we have walked as a Nation since Independence in 1964. This is necessary in order to reach a clear and conclusive evaluation of all the players in the political arena, so that we make a reasoned decision to the Party to vote for. The 2001 Election will mark the third time that the MMD is coming to you the Zambian people seeking your vote. We expect you, the voters, to make a careful analysis of this and other past Manifestos, in order to gauge the performance of our Policies. We also expect that you will make a comparison with the Manifestos of the other political parties who are competing with us. You will not only look at their paper presentations but consider the integrity and ability of their leadership, their capacity to delivery on their promises and whether or not amongst themselves they possess the necessary experience to entrust your future and the destiny of your children in their hands. The MMD has, over the past ten years courageously undertaken the most comprehensive public service reforms covering the entire social, economic and political spectrum of our society. The reforms in health, education, commerce and industry as well as in social and culture spheres including democracy and governance, have positioned the country for economic growth in this New Millennium. The MMD has turned despair into hope. It has opened the door for creative ideas to grow and flourish and laid the foundation for future growth and development. No other party existing now or on the horizon can boast of a vision as well articulated as in this Manifesto, or the dynamism demonstrated in the MMD policies and programmes.  In this Manifesto the MMD has sought to provide answers to various issues of concern to Zambians of all walks of life and all corners of our great country. The Party has also drawn from its experience of the last ten years in government to respond to the wishes and desires of the Zambian people. We, the MMD, therefore commit ourselves to pursue and continue to develop the policies we have started in the areas of democratic governance, economic liberalisation, social development and empowerment. We shall continue to encourage the development of human and family values through spiritual growth as pronounced in the Christian Church.  This Manifesto has been developed to project this position through a detailed explanation of how we hope to convince you, the voter, to stay with us and be part of the continued transformation of Zambia in the New Millennium. In order to create jobs, bring about personal and satisfaction on the Nation, the economy will continue to rely on the zeal and robust character of the private sector to generate economic activity and growth. We shall work tirelessly to support Zambians with ambition to self-resilient so that they may realise their full potential.  It is our intention, as we recount the vision of the MMD in the following pages, to truthfully, faithfully, diligently and dutifully pursue the objectives laid out in this Manifesto. We trust and believe that you will vote wisely; your vote is very important, use it intelligently to further the development of mother Zambia. We are confident that on election day you and other Zambians will once again demonstrate sound political judgement and vote for the MMD. Fellow Zambians be mindful that only ten years ago, we chose to reject dictatorship and economic bondage in favour of freedom and prosperity. It is a long journey we started together; yes, it will pass through deserts an storms, through valleys and mountains, across rivers and plains; but we shall get there. To reach our destination, however, we need to remain united, to stay together and march to our destination confident that we shall get there. Let us avoid experiments that will cost us time and delay in reaching our destiny. Countrymen and women, let me urge you to vote for Levy Mwanawasa as your Presidential candidate and for the other MMD candidates in these elections. There is no other alternative but the MMD. Together we shall win and prosper.
Frederickj T Chiluba, PRESIDENT

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