APC 2014 Manifesto South Africa

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Please click here to download the full version of the APC_2014_Manifesto as pdf file.




PREAMBLE to the APC 2014 Election Manifesto

A FUTURE for everyone, that is what we are about.  That is our promise to South Africans.

Our past has been premised on the exclusion of the majority – politically, economically and culturally.  Post-1994 has not only failed to effectively deal with these exclusions, but new forms of exclusions have emerged.  The poverty, inequalities and unemployment amongst the majority has persisted.  As it is, political democracy has been achieved but there has been no justice for the poor in a way that gives them a sense of shared hope and indeed a realistic chance at a bright future.

Our vision is of an egalitarian society – a society characterised by social solidarity and economic justice.  We want a society that is democratic in form, non-racial in character and socialistic in content. We believe that economic development is the central task of a people’s government;  i.e. growing the economy; creating employment, ending poverty and inequality.  Thus, as will be shown in the Manifesto our emphasis and focus is on how the lives of our people can be made better.  We correctly argue that the energy and creativity of the people led by a capable government can achieve the country’s economic and social goals.  Creating jobs, ending poverty and inequality is our single central focus!

The APC goes into these elections satisfied that it has given a full and positive account of itself for the last five years.  We believe that with increased electoral support, the APC will be able to serve our people better.  To us the primary responsibility of elected representatives is to address the people’s grievances.  We are certain that we have done enough to win the confidence of the people and present the APC as a viable, credible and progressive political force.

A FUTURE for everyone that is what we stand for.  We are looking forward to the elections with confidence and momentum.  APC will hold high the banner of revolution;  never to betray the Africanist cause or betray the historic mission set by the fighters for the cause of Africa. The APC is blazing a historic trail; it emerges as an independent and revolutionary African voice; totally committed to the welfare and well-being of the people.  We remain the humble servants of our people.

The road is tortuous, the future is bright.  A future for everyone.

Yours for a United and Socialist Africa.

Cde Themba Godi

APC President


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