IFP 2014 Manifesto South Africa

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Please click here to download the full version of the IFP_2014_Manifesto as pdf file.

The IFP believes that when you vote you shape and own your own future. We want to help you make that future the one you deserve. The IFP has spent long hours listening to you and analysing the problems you have raised. We have spent even longer looking for viable solutions and practical steps to put these solutions into action. This manifesto is proof of our commitment to you and our earnest desire to get South Africa working. It is also evidence of almost forty years’ experience in good governance. We know what works, and how to get things working. We value your opinion, your contribution as a donor and a volunteer, and your vote. South Africa’s Constitution gives us all the right to vote. But this right also comes with responsibilities and duties. It is our duty, come election time, to question the path and vision
the country is pursuing. It is also the time to reassess those who represent us.

It is our duty to ask ourselves three questions:
· Are our representatives capable of fulfilling their duties and their promises?
· Have they represented our interests with honesty and integrity?
· Have they responded to the issues that affect our families?

Today, many young South Africans believe that they will never be gainfully employed. The flowery struggle rhetoric and apparent gains of the past twenty years have not helped millions of South Africans put food on their tables. 1994 may have changed how we manage the affairs of our country; but for too many it has not changed how we live. Where once we struggled against Apartheid, now the vast majority of South Africans just seem to struggle. Frustration is rising, protests are flaring, street justice is burgeoning; and who is responding? What is the government doing? Does it even care?
These are questions we as South Africans should ask our representatives and ourselves as voters.
If the answers do not meet your expectations, and if politicians choose to placate you with vague promises, then it is your duty – it is your obligation as a citizen living in a democracy – to vote with your feet. It is time for South Africans to demand more of government. Let’s assess those in power and consider how we can make a change for our country, and ourselves. Your vote can change your future. I invite you to partner with the IFP, so that together we can heal our nation.
The Power is Yours!


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DA 2014 Manifesto South Africa Abstract of the book ‘Party Systems and Cleavage Structures in Southern Africa. Determinants of Party Succuss and Failure in Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Zambia’

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