DA 2014 Manifesto South Africa

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Please click on the link DA_2014_Manifesto to open the full version of the DA 2014 Manifesto as pdf file.

Dear Voter
We South Africans are at our best when we share a sense of national purpose. This election is taking place exactly 20 years after the democratic election that brought President Nelson Mandela to power. We all agree that South Africa is a better place than it was in 1994. Great progress was made in delivering services under President Mandela and President Mbeki’s governments. But since then, many South Africans have lost the sense of optimism that our first presidents gave us. What changed? After all, South Africa is still a great country, admired by many in the world. The ANC changed. Jacob Zuma’s ANC has forgotten the hope and promise of 1994. Today, the challenges facing South Africa are great. The number of South Africans without work continues to grow, and too many communities still live in fear of crime.
Most people feel powerless to fight the corruption of the leaders they once trusted to serve them.
But these problems can be overcome. Together we can change South Africa, and we can create jobs.
I would like to offer you an invitation: Vote for the DA in the 2014 election, and we can fix South Africa together. In a democracy your vote is your most powerful weapon. Jacob Zuma’s ANC is indifferent to the daily struggles of the millions of South Africans excluded from the economy. There are more unemployed South Africans today than
ever before. That is why the DA’s manifesto is about working together for jobs. The DA’s carefully tested and budgeted policies would grow the economy fast enough to create six million real, full-time jobs by 2024. Together we can build the South Africa we all hope to live in one day. Together we can ensure that every child receives a better education, that every deserving student is fully funded for tertiary education, that young people can get internships, work experience, and ultimately, that every adult has the opportunity to work. Together we can build a country that we can be proud of. In this election, you have an opportunity to shape our future for the better. Lend us your vote in 2014 – you will not
be disappointed. Vote for the DA.

Best wishes,
Helen Zille


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