ANC 2014 Manifesto South Africa

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Please find a full version copy of the ANC 2014 manifesto as pdf file under the link ANC_2014_Manifesto.


SOUTH AFRICA forward together we move


One of the greatest leaders ever produced by our people and our movement is gone, yet Madiba’s revolutionary spirit continues to inspire our efforts to ensure the poor and the working class truly benefit from the material fruits of the freedom for which he fought.
Let us together re-double our efforts to realise his vision, shared by his people and humanity, for a better life for all, for a better Africa and a better world.

Message from the President

Fellow South Africans,
Together we move South Africa forward!
Twenty years ago we began a new journey to eradicate the oppressive legacy of colonialism and apartheid. It has been 20 years of freedom and democracy in which we have made significant steps towards achieving the vision of the Freedom Charter.
This has been a collective South African effort, personified in the greatness of the father of our nation, Tata Madiba, to whom we dedicate this manifesto.
The lives of our people have vastly improved and South Africa is a much better place than it was before 1994.
Over the last five years, the ANC government has worked together with all South Africans to do more to fight poverty and unemployment, and to reduce inequality.
Working together, we have defended and consolidated the social gains achieved since 1994, despite the negative global economic situation. More of our people have been lifted out of extreme poverty; we have created more jobs than before; expanded social grants, housing and basic services to our people; and further improved access to better education and health care.
Our journey continues.
Our struggle has now reached the second phase, in which we will implement radical socio-economic transformation to meaningfully address poverty, unemployment and inequality.

More than ever before, we must work together to promote nation building, unity and social solidarity as we free the economy from the shackles of the past. We cannot rest until the economy is in the hands of the people who were historically excluded from participation.
Far-reaching economic transformation is the central question this election must answer. In this manifesto the ANC provides clear, bold and decisive answers to this question.
This manifesto is the result of a wide consultation process with our allies, involving communities and key sectors of society including workers, business, religious, youth and women’s organisations and several academics. We will continue to consult as we embark on its implementation.
Together we move South Africa forward!
Vote ANC for a better life for all!
Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma
ANC President


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