SWAPO 1994 Manifesto Namibia

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Please click SWAPO 1994 Manifesto Namibia to open the full version of the manifesto as pdf-file.


Better Opportunities for all Namibians


SWAPO, Windhoek, 1994

Published by SWAPO National Election Committee PO Box 1071 Goerhe Street, Windhoek Telephone: (061) 238364

Message from President Sam Nujoma

The past four and a half years of SWAPO governance has earned SWAPO the trust of Namibians in running the affairs of the country.
It earned this trust by caring about how people want their government to function, and by ensuring that the government has the same priorities as those of the people of Namibia.
During the first term of its office, the SWAPO government restructured the civil service to meet the challenges posed by the needs of independent Namibia, ensured peace and stability in the country, promoted equity by levelling the playing field by providing equal access to opportunity to all Namibians, made education and health care available to an increasing number of citizens, and opened up venues in the market economy for Namibians working in the communal areas.
Today, even the poorest Namibians have a real chance of owning their own homes through the Build Together programme, and an increasing number of people have access to potable water and electricity.
In the next five years, we hope to build on the achievements of the first term.
Our priorities will continue to be education, health, housing, employment creation, and, above all, promotion of equity in all aspects including access to land.
As in the past, we hope to keep on working for the fulfilment of the dreams of all Namibians.
Namibians deserve this chance.
I therefore urge you to read the SWAPO Manifesto because we believe that an informed voter is the strength of our party.
SWAPO has an outstanding team to give concrete shape to all the plans outlined in the Manifesto.
This team is fully qualified to continue to build a new Namibia for all Namibians.

President Sam Nujoma
SWAPO’s Plan of Action

Table of Contents … Page

1 Strengthening Democracy … 5
2 Governing with Accountability and Integrity … 19
3 Strengthening our Society … 12
Equality … 12
Affirmative Action … 13
Health Care … 13
Better health for our children … 14
Better health for women … 14
Countering AIDS … 15
Better Education … 15
Primary Education … 15
Secondary Education … 16
Tertiary Education … 16
Literacy … 16
Safety in our Homes and on our Streets … 16
Job Creation … 18
Training … 18

Promotion of Agro-industries … 19
Promotion of Small Business … 19
Tax Incentives and Other Government Support for Job Creation … 19
Building Namibia’s Manufacturing Base … 19
Expanding Tourism … 19
Promoting Building Industry … 19
Promoting Public Works Programmes … 20
Community Based Projects … 20

Promoting Namibia’s Cultural identity … 20
Housing, Electricity, and Water … 21
Housing … 21
Provision of Water … 21
Provision of Electricity … 22
The Land Question … 22
International Relations … 23
National Security … 24

4 Strengthening our Economy … 26 1

Economic Independence … 26
Economic Growth … 27
Economic Justice … 27
SWAPO’s Economic Achievements … 28
Future Economic Challenges … 28
SWAPO’s Economic Strategy … 29
Strengthening economic growth performance … 29
Promoting Rural and Regional Development … 32

5 Strengthening our Productive Sectors … 34
Agriculture … 34
Mining and Energy … 35
Fisheries … 36
Tourism … 39
Manufacturing and Services … 40

6 Strengthening Fiscal Discipline … 43
Finance Policy … 44

7 Strengthening our Human Resources … 46


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