SWAPO 1989 Manifesto Namibia

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Please click SWAPO 1989 Manifesto Namibia to open the full version of the manifesto as pdf-file.

SWAPO ELECTION MANIFESTO (from the Original manifesto)

Towards an independent and democratic Namibia: SWAPO’s policy positions


SWAPO’s Philosophy of Government … 1-2
The Namibian State … 3-4
Foreign Policy … 4-5
Citizenship … 5-6
Language Policy … 6-7
State and Religion … 7-8
Economic Policies … 8-13
Science and Technology … 13-14
Policy on Health … 14-15
Education and Culture … 15-17
Policy on Rural Development … 17-18
Local Government and Housing … 18-19
Policy on Women … 19-20
Youth and Students … 21
Labour in Independent Namibia … 22
Armed Forces … 23
The Mass Media … 23-24
Corruption in Public Life … 24-25
Policy on Public Finance … 25-26
Electoral Process … 26

Published by SWAPO Directorate of Elections



Today Namibia is at the crossroads of its independence.
The agony of death and destruction that the Namibians have endured for the past 105 years of colonial oppression is about to come to an end and freedom is in sight.
The process of transition to independence has already started, On 1November
1989, the Namibian people will exercise their long-denied right to self-determination by electing their own leaders who, by virtue of being elected by the masses will have the sovereign right to draft the constitution of independent Namibia.
This will bring about a new political and socio-economic order.
The task before the Namibian people is to seize this historic opportunity and ensure that they join hands to safeguard the revolutionary gains we have made in bringing our country to the threshold of independence.
Seizing this opportunity means, first, to register as a voter, and second, to vote and send to the Constituent Assembly men, and women with a revolutionary will,
honourable record, vision for a better future, integrity, experience and proven ability to fight for the interests of the broad masses of the Namibian people.
Such men and women are to be found in SWAPO. SWAPO has stood tall in the face of formidable odds over the last twenty-nine years of its struggle to free Namibia.
Because of this fact, SWAPO had participated in the formulation of Resolution and fought bravely for the last 11 years for its implementation.
The motivating force behind this struggle has always been to guarantee that power is given to the Namibian people to decide the future of our country through free and fair elections.
Now that Resolution 435 is being implemented, the Central Committee of SWAPO has the honour to place before the people of Namibia its concrete programme of action in the form of SWAPO’s policy positions on a broad spectrum of political, economic, social and cultural issues.
Together, these policy positions form SWAPO’s Election Manifesto.


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