SWANU 2009 Manifesto Namibia

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SWANU of Namibia MANIFESTO 2009 ELECTIONS THEME (from the Original document)



Dear Countrymen and women

The political challenges as opposed to social and economic challenges that need to be tackled are many but political tolerance, national unity, promotion of democracy, the rule of law and justice for all inter alia need to be at the top list of our priorities.
These challenges are recipe for peace, stability and tranquillity in Namibia.
SWANU would like to see the election to be free and fair and conducted in an atmosphere that is conducive and consistent with the principles on which the democratic constitutional state of Namibia is established.
Therefore, the following immediate issues must be addressed:
a. Use of hate speech by party leaders must amount to sanctions of a party including disqualification from participating in the election, either for the individual making the hate speech, or the party as such.
b. Currently, the critical issue is the allocation of airtime to political parties by the NBC that is skewed and unequal. This is unconstitutional; therefore all participating parties must be given equal air allocation.
c. The playing field must be levelled, by for instance party funding according to the number of votes and not according to the number of sits in parliament.
d. There should not be voting by use of Pencils.
e. Ballot papers must be printed by another neutral company that is not linked to any political party. Therefore the contract (if any) with the Swapo linked company must be terminated forthwith.
In this respect, SWANU is promoting political tolerance and is part of the ECN Political Liaison Committee (PLC), established for the purpose of harmonising or reconciling differences on electoral related matters. We are also educating our members in the best principles of democracy and political ethics.

Comradely yours
Usutuaije Maamberua


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