MAG 2009 Manifesto Namibia

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Please click MAG 2009 Manifesto Namibia to get the manifesto as pdf-file.

IMPROVE THE CONSTITUTION OF NAMIBIA! MAG Manifesto 2009 (from the Original document)

80808, OLYMPIA, WINDHOEK  • 061-252008 • 061-229242

Treat the cause – not the result!
– Erase the undefined concept “secular” from the constitution.
– A secular and neutral political philosophy and educational programme is primarily responsible for the lack of discipline and the collapse of the morale of the Namibian people.
– Do not confuse our children with an education (philosophy of life) in state schools that differs from that in their homes.
– Bring discipline, recognition of authority and civilised hidings back into our houses, schools, courts and traditional authorities.
– Replace the National Council with a House of Traditional Leaders.
– Acknowledge the religious convictions of the majority, with legal entrenchment of the rights of minority religious groups.
– Acknowledge the diversity of nations and / or population groups (Communities), their interdependence, their right to self-determination and co-partnership in general as well as in own affairs, that is, unity in diversity.
– Maintain the necessary balance between the rights and responsibilities of the individual and those of the group.
– Interpret the “right to life” to such an extent that the same applies to the victim and the killer. Bring back the death penalty through a competent court.
– Create equal opportunities for all Namibian citizens on the grounds of merit, expertise and experience. Guard against the establishment of a privileged elite – white, black or brown.
– Provide clear definitions in the constitution for the concepts “equal opportunities” and “free association”, and get rid of quotas based on race, ethnicity or gender.
Thanks to MAG’s diligence in the abovementioned regard the past 20 years, we have already made great progress.
Please help us to capitalise on it.
[Policy document of Monitor Action Group, during the 2009 elections]


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