DTA 1994 Manifesto Namibia

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Please click DTA 1994 Manifesto Namibia to open the document as pdf-file.

DTA of Namibia Election Manifesto 1994 (from the Original document)



The DTA of Namibia remains unconditionally committed to the letter and spirit of the Constitution of the Republic of Namibia.
The party will do everything in its power to ensure that this Constitution continues to be honoured and applied as a whole.
The DTA sets only such goals as it knows are achievable in the fulfilment of the party’s undertaking to the voters.
The DTA is committed to the ideal of national reconciliation and nation building, but has an open mind towards the sentiments of people and groups.
The DTA strongly discourages the formation of political groupings based on race, ethic origin or language.
It will prevent the government at all levels from creating ethnic domination and intolerance.
The DTA believes that good and honourable government is essential for economic development through local and foreign investment and to prevent the loss of human and other resources.
The DTA is determined to represent and serve the people of Namibia in their struggle to fulfil their Human Rights and to improve the quality of life and the living standards of the people in general.

Now therefore:
– The DTA OF NAMIBIA believes that Rule of Law is the foundation of democratic society.
Therefore the laws of Namibia and the authorities that uphold them must be respected, upheld and strengthened by all means available.
The DTA believes that every citizen of Namibia has the right to equal treatment and a fair hearing before the law, irrespective of sex, race, colour, ethnic origin, creed or social and economic status.
The DTA will strictly support these principles.
Law enforcement authorities such as the Ombudsman, the courts of law, the police force, etc. will be empowered so as to increase their effectiveness.
– The DTA OF NAMIBIA conforms that every citizen has the right to receive protection under the law.
Every Namibia citizen has the right to lead a life free from fear and intimidation.
This right has, however, constantly been undermined by the current government.
Crime has escalated, causing the country major social and economic problems.
The need to restore Law and Order has therefore become a national issue.
The crime wave sweeping the nation can only be solved by means of a strong and efficient lower court system can adequately deal with the surge of crime being experienced.
The DTA will empower and strengthen the lower court system and all the institutions which are meant to fight crime.
– The DTA OF NAMIBIA believes that efficient management of the national resources is essential to economic growth and the achievement of sustainable human development.
The party believes that the best way to reduce poverty and unemployment is through economic development.
Poverty and unemployment has become the scourge of Namibia.
Poverty has been increased as a result of poor management by the current government.
The DTA will, however, do everything in its power to reduce poverty nationwide on the basis of a comprehensive national policy.
Economic development, the creation and training, decentralisation of government functions, rural development and self-sufficiency, social security, and population growth control are among the many issues which will urgently be addressed by the DTA with the objective of narrowing the disparity between the rich and the poor.
– The DTA OF NAMIBIA is convinced that productive and constructive land reform is a key issue in the reduction of poverty, the strengthening of land-ownership by Namibians and national reconciliation.
Among the matters which must receive urgent attention are equal rights to land, related assistance for women, an improvement of the accessibility by small farmers to training, credit and markets; security of tenure, basic rights for farm-workers; the utilisation of state land for the purposes of land reform; sustained production capacity; and a Land Court, to name a few issues.
– The DTA OF NAMIBIA will make available financial resources for essential services by eliminating all wasteful expenditure by the State.
The DTA will insist on strict financial discipline at all levels of Government and review all budget allocations, and strengthen the Office of the Auditor General to make it even more independent.
For example, the number of ministries will be drastically decreased, and the number of permanent secretaries reduced accordingly.
The DTA will not subsidise government institutions such as “New Era” and “Nampa” which do not generate the income to sustain themselves.
The DTA will moreover privatise / commercialise all parastatal organisations, in particular those that rely on regular and massive subsidies by Namibia’s already over-burdened taxpayers.
We firmly believe that improved social security and a life of dignity for all senior citizens can be achieved by a re-allocation of funds.
– The DTA OF NAMIBIA is convinced that greater authority and responsibility is justly due to the REGIONS so as to make government more accessible to the people and to enrich political life by public participation at grass root level.
Namibia’s rural regions must be made more attractive through increased decentralisation.
The regions must be able to develop and maintain their infrastructure based on their own priorities and must become self-sustainable.
The right to raised revenue by way of rates, property taxes, levies and similar charges in accordance with national policy to supplement funds allocated by Central Government is the prime mechanism for strengthening the regions.
Without detracting from the powers of National Assembly, regions will be empowered to regulate and control such issues as regional welfare, markets, housing, traffic and town and regional planning, water supply and others, all within the framework of a comprehensive national policy.
– Care for all the people of Namibia through primary and affordable health care is the aim of the DTA OF NAMIBIA’S health and welfare policy.
All people of Namibia deserve to grow old with security and dignity.
The DTA will provide additional facilities for the aged, provide a liveable welfare pension to senior citizens and implement a system whereby pensions are paid out regularly at points which are easily accessible to the aged and inform.
The disabled will be given liberal support to develop their full potential.
– The DTA OF NAMIBIA believes that EDUCATION is the cornerstone of human development.
Education is an important facilitator of national reconciliation.
It should be a source of pride and inspiration to our emerging nation.
The DTA sees education as a partnership between parents and government as equals.
While that state should bring education to the children, by way of providing the necessary facilities, parents also ought to make a meaningful contribution.
The DTA will end the haphazard experiments carried out by the present government and will go out of its way to stabilise the education system and secure the provision of teachers, text books and educational material for all learners countrywide.
Moreover, the profession should be reinstated as a source of pride for teachers and officials.
The DTA places priority on a high standard of education and the relevance of subject content to meet the needs of the labour market.
We are convinced that improved teacher training standards and facilities at college and university level as well as appropriate salary scales will help to restore the authority and pride of teachers and headmasters and enhance the reintroduction of discipline at schools.
The DTA OF NAMIBIA furthermore pursues the principles of the Constitution of Namibia insofar as it provides for multi-culturalism within education and within supreme idea of nationhood.

Published by DTA of Namibia
Headquarters: 35 Garten Str. Windhoek 7 Tel: 061 – 238530


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