Congress of Democrats CoD 2009 Manifesto Namibia

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Please click CoD 2009 Manifesto Namibia to open the full version of the manifesto as pdf-file.

Congress of Democrats MANIFESTO 2009 (from the Original document)

Letter from the President

Dear Namibians

On the 27th and 28th of November, 2009 all eligible Namibians, young and old, will participate in electing a new president and a new government.

We need to elect a new government that will change things for the better in Namibia.
We all know what is wrong in our country and society.
The present government has failed us in so many ways.
At school, there were not enough classrooms, books and other learning materials.
Many of us had to drop out of school, and could not proceed to University or train for a trade.
There have not been any jobs; and times have been very tough.
Corruption is rife amongst government politicians and public officials and the current government is either unwilling or powerless to stop it.
Crime is high and worsens every day.
Our prisons and police cells are full to overflowing.
We in the CoD have carefully considered the situation.
Our conditions are getting worse daily; there is no time to lose.
Now is the time for CHANGE.
When you go to the polls in November, vote carefully and wisely.
Vote for the CoD because it is the party that has consistently called for CHANGE for the last 10 years.
The new CoD government will move quickly to achieve the following CHANGES:
– Act swiftly to expand and diversify the economy to create employment;
– Replace the rotten education system and build new schools and universities;
– Change the current health care system for a better one, and build new hospitals and clinics;
– Put government money in projects that benefit the nation, especially the poor;
– Strengthen parliament control over cabinet.
The CoD is the one unifying and progressive party in Namibia today and tomorrow.
This is your party for the future.
I therefore appeal to you to follow the CoD on our way to making Namibia a better place for all our people.
Vote CoD.
Vote Ben Ulenga for President.
I wish you all peaceful elections!
Democratically Yours
Ben Ulenga


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