All People’s Party (APP) 2009 Manifesto Namibia

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Please click APP 2009 Manifesto Namibia to open the full version of the manifesto as pdf-file.

For Fundamental Change and Just Wealth Redistribution (from the Original document)

The Political and Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation Program and Manifesto of the All People’s Party (APP)



Looking all over Sub-Saharan Africa, we can – with confidence and great certainty-conclude that the initial vision of Dr Kwame Nkrumah of “seize first the political kingdom and the rest shall be added onto…” have not materialized and be benefited the vast majority of ordinary Africans.Our sub-continent is currently the poorest part of the world.
This is despite the fact that Africa is endowed with vast natural resources and human capital.
The resources of our countries have continued, as was the case during the slave trade and colonialism, to be exploited for the benefit of the western countries through their multinational corporations whilst African talent have continued to migrate to Europe, the USA, Australia, and the late Middle East in search of greener pastures.
The least that can be said about Africa’s political independence for the past five decades of self rule and Namibia’s own independence is that political independence have managed to create a parasitic politico-economic elite instead of eliminating poverty, unemployment and curable diseases on our continent and empowering socio-economically our people and creating prosperous and just societies on our continent.
The African politico-economic elites, most of who are closely and opportunistically connected to the ruling parties, in cahoots with multinational corporations and con businessmen from all parts of the world have and continue to corruptly plunder and milk our countries’ resources dry and ransack state coffers in broad day light.
These elites have changed nothing significant from the old state machinery which they inherited from the colonialists.
They have continued business as usual from where the colonialist left us and have only perfected the art of corruption, plunder and repression of their own people.
The central question of economic ownership of our natural resources and just wealth redistribution have never been attended to or addressed seriously.
The economic status quo have been good for them attempt to change it.
Hence, control of the economy, have mainly remained in the hands of the multinational companies and a few of their politically well connected pseudo businessmen and political praise singers.
The vast majority of our people have continued and continue to languish in poverty, unemployment, underemployment and homelessness.
They are afflicted by curable diseases which have already been eliminated in most parts of the world.
This is the sad case and story of Sub Saharan Africa with its vast natural resources wealth today.
This is happening despite new advances and progress in the socio economic and political arena taking place in the rest of the world.
The question remains, who is to blame for all this?
Surely, we cannot continue to blame the colonialists and colonialism.
Political and business leaders on our sub-continent must take responsibility and the blame for most of Sub Saharan Africa’s current tragic situation and lack of tangible / palpable sustainable socio-economic development.
Ordinary Africans need to stand together, if we are to stop this rampant looting and plunder of our resources by the multi nationals and their local cronies on both the political and economic front.
We must put an immediate halt on it if our countries and their people are to enjoy the fruits of their vast natural resources, to create prosperity for all people and establish a just system with fair and equal opportunities for all citizens.
What is needed now is action and not continued political rhetoric which does not practically change people’s lives tangibly!


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