BCP 1999 Manifesto Botswana

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Please click on BCP 1999 Manifesto Botswana  to download the full version of the manifesto as pdf-file.

BOTSWANA CONGRESS PARTY BCP (from the Original document)


BCP – New Party for New Millennium


Foreword … 3
Introduction … 4
1.0 The Vision … 7
1.1 Mission Statement … 7
1.2 Objectives of the BCP … 7
1.3 Self-respecting Citizens … 7
1.4 A hard working and prosperous People … 8
1.5 A morally responsible nation … 9


2.0 Democracy … 11
3.0 Foreign Policy … 12
4.0 Defence Policy … 13


5.0 The Economic Strategy … 15
5.1 Foreign Investment and Aid … 17
6.0 Rural Development … 17
7.0 Land Policy … 18
8.0 Agriculture and Food Strategy … 19
9.0 Environment: Protecting the Base and Ensuring Sustainability … 20
10.0 Water Policy … 21
11.0 Labour Relations … 22


12.0 Education with Production … 23

13.0 Religious Policy … 26
14.0 Health … 27
15.0 HIV / AIDS … 27
16.0 Social Security and Welfare … 28
17.0 Housing … 31
18.0 Gender … 32
19.0 Youth Development … 33
20.0 Arts and Culture … 34
21.0 Sports and Recreation … 35
22.0 Conclusion … 36

M.K. Dingake Parliamentary Candidate President – BCP


Guaranteeing a better future for all


The Botswana Congress Party is presenting its manifesto to the nation for the first time. This manifesto is but a summary of the problems, issues and challenges which face our nation on the eve of the new millennium. As a party with a difference in quality, style and truthfulness to the needs of our people we have carefully identified these issues and required policy action and programmes. We call on Batswana to take us on the basis of what we pledge in this manifesto. The policies and programmes contained in this manifesto show our deep concern about the problems which face our young people, women, the workers, parents, employers, business owners and the non- governmental sector. I am pleased to say with confidence that as a responsible political party we are not only concerned but determined to address the problems of underdevelopment which still afflict our people. I call on Batswana to give us the mandate to rule. It is only with that mandate that we shall show the fallacy of the BDP’s irresponsible claim that problems of poverty, unemployment, school leaver, low productivity, etc. are worldwide and therefore cannot be solved by the government.

I thank you.

Michael K. Dingake May, 1999

Vote for BCP!
Vote for Meaningful Change!
Vote to guarantee a better future for yourself and your family members!

This year, 1999 marks the eighth Botswana election since the first one was held in 1965. In the past seven elections Batswana voted for the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) in large numbers. They entrusted their lives with the BDP government which promised them more jobs, better education and training, elimination of inherited poverty and inequality. The BDP further promised to bring justice where oppression and injustice were widespread, improve the health and economic conditions of Batswana and transform Botswana from an underdeveloped country status to a rapidly industrializing one. It is now more than three decades of BDP rule.

Next year is the year 3-000 which will mark the beginning of a new millennium.

The questions that each Motswana both as an individual and as a father, a mother, a parent, a young man / woman and a child must ask themselves are:

a) What is my future and that of my family?

b) Do I see any improvement in my life and that of members of my family?

c) If there is any improvement is it sustainable? What future do I have?

It is difficult to imagine a guaranteed future when there is:

– over 30% unemployment.

– over 40% household poverty,

– when Gini coefficient show inequality of over 60%,

– when crime and corruption have become uncontrollable and those who rule the country are part of it,

– How can you be sure that your house, your cow, your field, your car, etc., will still be yours five years from now when ownership of property is increasingly going to the few wealthy families?

The ruling Botswana Democratic Party has failed to develop Botswana. The country remains both economically and democratically underdeveloped. Poverty, inequality and exploitation under the BDP is rampant and chronic. The future strategies of the BDP as outlined in the National Development Plan 8 and vision 2016 are bound to perpetuate, entrench and increase poverty and misery of Batswana.

Why is the BDP government failing?

– First because from the start the BDP strategies were never intended to benefit the majority of Batswana but enrich the few chosen ones in the party ranks;
– Second because the main strategy is false. It is a strategy based on the unrealistic and naive believe that by mimicking what developed western countries did centuries ago Botswana will develop.
– This catch-up approach alienates Batswana from taking the responsibility of developing their country.

Instead the leaders of Botswana are running all over the world looking for those with money and experience of development. The sad thing is that none are found. This strategy is both naive and promises a lot of jobs, education, health, houses, but in reality delivers wealth to a few and poverty, unemployment and servitude for the majority. Thirdly, the BDP economic policies are elitist in that policy formulation does not involve the disempowered and marginalised, precisely because the BDP does not believe the people have anything to offer.

The Botswana Congress Party – the liberator of our nation!

This first Manifesto of the BCP tells you how you can best ensure your future by voting for the BCP.


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