BDP 2009 Manifesto Botswana

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Please click BDP 2009 Manifesto Botswana to open the full document as pdf-file.


MANIFESTO 2009 – 2014

Table of Contents … Page

1. Foreword … 7
2. List of abbreviations … 9
3. Mission Statement, Vision and Values … 10
4. Our Achievements Since 2004 … 11
5. Our Promises for 2009 and Beyond … 18
6. Conclusion … 26

Manifesto 2009 – 2014

Secure your future

– Vote BDP – the Party you can trust


Secure your future

– Vote BDP – the Party you can trust


My fellow citizens, through the able leadership of the BDP – in partnership with Batswana – we have been able to meet the challenges faced by the nation through the past four decades. The BDP government shall never tale your vote for granted. We come again before you to continue the partnership that shall be assured by your vote. In any case, this is still your party of choice – The BDP is still here to serve you. In formulating the 2004 Manifesto, the BDP derived inspiration from the Long-Term Vision for Botswana: Towards Prosperity for All – Vision 2016. This long-term vision has become the nation’s guide and a roadmap to a better future. The 2009 Manifesto is similarly premised on Vision 2016 as its guiding light. From the 2009 general elections, as has been the case in the last few years, we will be seeing an even more accelerated implementation of all vision pillars. This shall be done through continuous improvement of our programmes and services aimed at alleviating rural and urban poverty, identifying opportunities locally and abroad, creating jobs for Batswana, developing human capital, diversifying the economy and ensuring that the economic value of all the resources of the nation is optimised. It is through hard work, self reliance, resolve and determination that we have been able to achieve what we have up to this point. We should not take lightly the accolades and high ratings from regional and international institutions which measure various national areas of performance and delivery. I therefore, caution you fellow citizens against complacency. Under my stewardship and following the vision, mission, values and policies of the BDP, I assure you that we shall be counted among countries that have significantly improved their peoples’ standard of living. This can only be achieved through deepened democracy, accelerated development, dignity and discipline among all our people. The BDP promised you a lot in 2004 and yes, we have delivered on that! At the global level, our credit ratings have been receiving “A” grades. World Bank governance indicators rank us Number 1 in Africa. At the local level, real economic growth is at 6.2 percent, total domestic employment increased by 59 percent, unemployment declined from 2 1.5% in 1996 to 17.3 % in 2006, inflation has been kept at manageable levels and economic growth has contributed to steady reduction in poverty levels. In addition, we have seen improvements in enrolments at the higher levels of the education system. Other major projects include the establishment of the Medical School the expansion of the University of Botswana, the setting up of the Botswana International University of Science and Technology will avail more tertiary level opportunities for our young people. There are also on-going major rural and urban infrastructure projects such as, construction of dams, electrification of villages, construction of senior and junior secondary schools; as well as major road works. This is just a sample of the major projects that my government will undertake if you give us the mandate we seek. In order to further promote private sector development and our peoples participation in the economy, the Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency (CEDA) has increased its threshold for lending from P2 million to P4 million. The creation of a dedicated Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture has contributed to increased focus on youth participation in all aspects of the economy. I assure you as fellow democrats that the principle of unity will define my style of leadership. My desire is to see our party maintain internal stability and unity of purpose as there are challenges ahead of us. As we go for our country’s tenth general elections, I want to maize it clear to all that slogans alone shall not deliver us the results. We need to mobilise, to be pro-active and to ensure that we persuade Inore members to join our party. It is through our policies and programmes that we have distinguished ourselves from our political rivals and attracted more votes to our party. We have proved in the past that we deliver on our promises. The people of Botswana should trust our party to continue to perform on this score. Advancing towards sustained economic development, we must be aware that we live in a global village and that the world economy directly affects us. We therefore, have to come together as Batswana to benchmark against the best international standards in the delivery of goods and services. I once again call upon you to collectively put a shoulder to the wheel regardless of the position any one of you might hold in the Party, government and the rest of the society. Our country comes first. As we come together to address the challenges faced by our country, I would like to impress upon you fellow citizens that it is on what we have achieved in the execution and delivery of programs that our nation can leap-frog towards the status of first world economies and nations. We are indebted to the founding fathers of this nation who have set a rock solid foundation from where to continue. I humbly call upon you to vote for the BDP in 2009 so that together we call march towards the building of a prosperous nation for all our people. I have faith in Batswana to demonstrate true partnership and commitment for the achievement of a brighter future for our great country and its people. Secure your future -vote BDP -the Party you can trust.

Tsholetsa Domlzrag! Tlhopha BDP!

Lieutenant General Seretse Khama Ian Khama BDP President
There is still no alternative


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