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Please click BCP BAM 2009 Manifesto Botswana to open the full manifesto as pdf-file.

Which Way Now -Democracy and Prosperity or Dictatorship and Economic Collapse? (from the Orignial document)


A Nation at Cross Roads:

Which Way Now -Democracy and Prosperity or Dictatorship and Economic Collapse?

Page … Contents
6 … Foreword — BCP President
8 … Introduction
11 … Section A:
12 … Our Top Priority – Reclaiming our Democratic Heritage
13 … 2.1 Reclaiming our Civil Liberties
14 … 2.2 Modernising Institutions of Democracy
15 … 2.3 Fighting Corruption
16 … Section B:
17 … Ensuring an Equitable Economic Programme
18 … 3.1 Diversifying the Economy to Create Jobs and Eradication of Poverty
19 … 3.2 Exploiting the Tourism Sector
20 … 3.3 Promoting Rural Development through the Agricultural Sector
22 … Section C:
23 … Promoting a People-Centred Social Agenda
23 … 4.1 Providing an Efficient Health Care System
24 … 4.2 Accelerating the Response to HIV and AIDS
25 … 4.3 Making Education Relevant and Accessible
26 … 4.4 Making Labour a Proud Partner in the Nation’s Progress
27 … 4.5 Promoting a Secure and Decent Housing for All
28 … 4.6 Delivering a Decent Social Welfare Programme
29 … 4.7 Uplifting the Disempowered
29 … 4.8 Developing and Empowering the Youth
30 … 4.9 Decentralising Service Delivery
31 … Section D:
32 … Enhancing Security and International Relations
32 … 5.1 Combating Crime and Ensuring Safety for All
33 … 5.2 Botswana and the International Community
35 … After-word BAM President


The 2009 elections will be yet another great opportunity for people to use both their judgement and common sense to decide their future and that of their children. Our nation is clearly at a crossroad. We have a choice to vote BDP and allow for further deterioration of democracy, human rights and the possible collapse of the economy. The alternative is to vote for the protection of democracy and prosperity and security of our nation under the government of the Botswana Alliance Movement and Botswana Congress Party. In realizing the desperate situation of our country, the two parties have decided to work together to save the nation from the impending national catastrophe. The selfish decision of the BDP to retain state power against all odds led them to bring Ian Khama and senior military leaders into politics. Today, this BDP experiment with a military junta has proved, within a short period of time, to be against what Batswana stand for. Our known history of peaceful CO-existence, freedom, participatory democracy and respect for the pillars of democracy are fast fading away. Our nation is gripped with fear. The business community is uneasy with the unpredictable and uninformed policies that are dreamt and championed by one person. The ordinary citizen cannot freely walk in the streets because of fear of losing life, not from the criminals, but from agents of the state. The space for freedom of expression is fast shrinking. Families and friends can no longer converse freely. Everyone suspects the other for being part of the feared network of security agents. Politicians from both within and outside the BDP live in fear. They are ever guarded fearing to offend the top man and suffer the consequences from the military junta. As for the economy, it is headed for collapse. No imaginative strategies are in place to expand the industrial base and create jobs. Diversification has failed as the economy remains heavily dependent on diamonds. The potential for the manufacturing and tourism sectors is being squandered by the BDP. Commerce and industry remain incompetent. The result is high levels of poverty, unemployment and inequalities. As the global recession rears its ugly head, the structural weaknesses of our economy are being exposed. There are no alternative sources of revenue generation, hence an unsustainable dependence on foreign reserves for development and recurrent expenditure. A dark cloud is fast approaching. Let’s destroy it before it destroys us. If we fail to act, the consequences are scary: this democracy will go up in flames and our children will inherit a ruined country almost in a state similar to that of our neighbours in the north. If in October we give Khama a yes vote, we would not have stopped this dictatorship and economic ruin. We would be surely headed for kidnappings, disappearances of political opponents and critics, both within the BDP and in the opposition parties, and the civil society. The media will be suppressed and journalists imprisoned. Jobless queues will increase and poverty will reach scandalous levels, Corruption and economic mismanagement will escalate and our economy will collapse. We owe it to our children, our pride and the wisdom of our forbearers to protect our nation by voting for BAM-BCP in the general elections.  A nation united, putting aside petty political differences and putting the country first, can never be defeated. We appeal to all persons of goodwill, in all parties, to take advantage of the secrecy of the ballot and bring change to this country. We call upon all citizens to rally behind our cooperating parties through your votes.

Gilson Saleshando
Presidential Candidate (BAM-BCP)


For the tenth time, our nation goes to the polls this year to choose its elected representatives. The votes cast will determine the composition of the National Assembly, where laws and policies affecting our lives and shaping the future of our country will be determined. The coming election will be a significant one in more ways than one. For us as the Botswana Alliance Movement (BAM) and our electoral partners, the Botswana Congress Party (BCP), this will be an opportunity to offer Batswana our joint vision. Our vision will be anchored on shared principles and values. At the centre of our objectives and programmes, is the strong desire to avail a better life for all Batswana. This manifesto is a result of vigorous engagement with our foot soldiers, whose collective life experience reflects the hardships that Batswana in general experience daily. These hardships include poverty and deprivation that accompany a thriving national economy, lack of employment opportunities in a fast growing economy, lack of opportunities in a country paraded internationally as a destination of choice for investors and above all, a future that is highly unpredictable with the ever increasing erosion of civil liberties and undermining of democracy. Botswana has since independence been a de facto one party system with nine rounds of electoral contest producing only one winner among the numerous contestants.
One of the key reasons that have led to this state of stagnation in our democracy is the proliferation of the opposition parties that are under-resourced to effectively challenge the Botswana Democratic Party.

The BDP has remained in office, not on account of success in terms of delivering a better life for Batswana, but predominantly on account of the conduct of the opposition parties. Over the years, Batswana have yearned for an opposition formation that will set aside narrow partisan considerations that place a greater premium on the ambitions of the party leaders ahead of national interests. Our collaborative efforts have enabled us to join forces to contest the coming elections from the same platform. Together, we are better placed to take the BDP head on and prove to Batswana once and for all that there is an alternative to the moribund BDP. Our joint efforts have enabled us to secure victories in recent by-elections in areas that were previously BDP strongholds. We have brought hope where there was total political despair. Our message continues to be well-received by those who have for a long time mortgaged their political souls to the BDP. As we prepare for the election day, let your choice at the polls reflect the same hope, the hope that Botswana can be a better place for all, the hope that we all deserve to be granted equal opportunities to use our skills and knowledge to attain personal prosperity and the hope that together we deserve a better tomorrow for our children. Let not your choice reflect a sense of fatalism, endorsing the BDP when its leadership is clearly leading our country to despicable tyranny and economic collapse. I urge all Batswana from all walks of life irrespective of political affiliation to use their votes to protect our country against the onslaught of BDP misrule. Our manifesto offers clear and achievable objectives. We are committed to our electoral pledges and will no doubt implement our manifesto as a binding social contract with the voters for 2009 and beyond.  I thank you in anticipation of your support.

Ephraim Lepetu Setshwaelo President (BAM)


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