BCP Manifesto 2004 Botswana

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Please click BCP 2004 Manifesto Botswana to open the full document as pdf file.

Botswana Congress Party Manifesto 2004 (from the Original)

“Botswana Can And Must Be Better”

Table of Contents … Page

1. Foreword … 2
2. Introduction … 3
3. Section A – Priority of Our Priorities … 6
3.1 Education … 7
3.2 Jobs and Economy … 10
3.3 HIV / AIDS … 12
3.4 Eradication of Poverty Trap … 14
4. Section B – Empowering the Disempowered … 16
4.1 Women and Development … 17
4.2 Youth Development … 19
4.3 Labour and Industrial Relations … 21
4.4 Arts and Culture … 23
4.5 Equality of Ethnic Groups … 25
4.6 Religion … 27
5. Section C – Delivering Better Services … 29
5.1 Health … 30
5.2 Social Security and welfare … 32
5.3 Housing … 34
5.4 Sports and Recreation … 36
6. Section D – Transforming the Economy … 38
6.1 Rural Development … 39
6.2 Land … 41
6.3 Agriculture and Food Security … 43
6.4 Water … 45
6.5 Environment … 47
7. Section E – Modernizing Democracy and Promoting Good Governance … 49
7.1 Democracy and Institutions of Good Governance … 50
7.2 Media … 54
7.3 Crime and Policing … 55
7.4 Botswana and the World … 57
8. Conclusion … 59
9. Afterword … 60

1. Foreword

By The President of the BCP – Mr. Otlaadisa Koosaletse

I am very glad to introduce our 2004 manifesto to the nation. This is the second manifesto of the BCP.  As a movement, we have increasingly demonstrated that ours is a Party that is people centred and is driven by the ordinary people. In short, the power of our party is with the people. We are neither a feudal party nor a property for any individual. In addition, we are neither a creation of colonial masters nor any ethnic group.
Our midwives are our people, especially the poor and the disadvantaged who are seeking an alternative dispensation. Second, we have demonstrated that we exist because we believe that we can make a difference. Our commitment to transforming the politics, the economy and the social setting of Botswana is clearly articulated in both our Democratic Development Program and our Manifesto. Third, we don’t intend to position ourselves as a life long opposition party, we see ourselves as a government in waiting. We are convinced that our following is growing, and that the path we have taken is the path for the people. Central to our politics is that we CARE!

Unlike the BDP:
– We care for the poor and the oppressed.
– We care for those that feel that government is remote and hostile.
– We care for those struggling to make ends meet in the face of rising prices.
– We care for those who do not have satisfactory place to live.
– We care for the old and the young who have no organizations to defend them.
– We care for women who have been marginalized.
– We care for the exploited youth.
– We care for our collapsing small business people.
– We care for those discriminated on the basis of ethnic group or religion.
– We care for those who want to raise their families from poverty.
– We care for our teachers, uniformed forces, civil servants and local business people.
– We care because we believe in the supreme value of individual human personality.
The success of any country depends on good policies, commitment and love for people. We posses all those ingredients. We appeal to voters not to waste their vote by piling up majorities behind BDP candidates but use the vote positively and usefully to show how many thousands of people in this country really care. You do this by voting for Mogobagoba.


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