MCP Manifesto 1999 Malawi

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The Malawi Congress Party (from the Original document)

To see the full version of the document, please click MCP 1999 Manifesto Malawi to open a pdf-file.

Manifesto 1999


Contents … Page

Preamble … 5
Introduction … 7
1.0 Good Governance Accountability and Transparency … 9
1.1 The Executive … 9
1.2 The Judiciary … 9
1.3 LegisIature … 9
1.4 Human and Civil Rights … 10
1.5 Political Stability and National Unity … 10
1.6 Popular Participation … 10
1.7 Civil Society … 11
1.8 Religion … 11

2.0 National Security … 13
2.1 The Army … 13
2.2 The Police … 13
2.3 Prisons … 14

3.0 The Civil Service … 14

4.0 Economic Growth and Development … 15
4.1 Fiscal Policy … 15
4.2 Monetary Policy … 16
4.3 Investment and Savings-Growth … 17
4.4 Budget and Aid Management … 17
4.5 Labour and Employment … 18

5.0 Strategies for Economic Growth … 19
5.1 Agriculture and Irrigation Development … 19
5.1.1 The Estate Sector … 19
5.1.2 Smallholder Sector … 20
5.1.3 Food Security and Nutrition … 21
5.1.4 Livestock … 22
5.1.5 Fishing … 23
5.2 Trade and Industry … 23
5.2.1 Corporations … 23
5.2.2 Small Businesses … 24
5.2.3 Manufacturing … 24
5.2.4 Exports … 25
5.2.5 Privatisation … 25
5.3 Tourism … 26
5.4 Energy and Mining … 26
5.5 Rural Development … 27
5.6 Land Reform … 27
5.7 Transport and Communications … 28
5.7.1 Roads … 28
5.7.2 Rail and Lake Services … 29
5.7.3 Telecommunication … 29
5.7.4 Aviation … 29
5.7.5 Broadcasting and Mass Media … 30
5.8 Information Technology … 30
6.0 Strategies for Social Economic Growth … 31
6.1 Education … 31
6.1.1 Education Planning, Management and Administration … 31
6.1.2 Preschool … 32 6.1.3 Primary Education … 32
6.1.4 Secondary Education … 33
6.1.5 Teacher Training … 34
6.1.6 Technical and Vocational Training … 34
6.1.7 Non-Formal and Adult Education … 34
6.1.8 Universities … 35
6.1.9 Science and Technology … 36
6.1.10 Art, Sports and Culture … 36
6.2 Health and Population … 37
6.2.1 Population and Family Planning … 38
6.2.2 Primary Health Care … 38
6.2.3 Curative and Hospital Care Services … 38
6.2.4 HIV / AIDS … 39
6.3 Water and Sanitation … 40
6.4 Housing and Physical Planning … 40
6.5 Community Services and Social Welfare … 41
6.5.1 Women … 41
6.5.2 The Youth … 42
6.5.3 Families … 42
6.5.4 People with disabilities and the Elderly … 43
6.5.5 Citizenship and Immigration … 43
7.0 Environmental Protection … 43
8.0 Disaster Preparedness … 45
9.0 Foreign Policy … 45
10.0 Summary … 46
11.0 Conclusion … 47


This manifesto lays down the political philosophy and the broad policy framework upon which an elected MCP government will pursue its efforts to concretise its 21st Century grand vision of reconciliation, reconstruction and development of the Malawi nation, Over the past five years of the United Democratic Front (UDF) government, it is indisputable, Malawians have been a people with dashed hopes, frustrated aspirations and victims of caprious governance and administration. We are almost to the end of the UDF government’s mandate and whatever yardstick one may use to appraise UDF’s performance in all sectors, the answer is unanimously the same: UDF has failed, miserably for that matter, to tangibly deliver nearly on all its electoral pledges. For example, the nation can no longer produce enough food to feed itself; political intolerance is being perpetrated by the ruling elite; the Poverty Alleviation Programme has turned into an instrument of political patronage; corruption is rampant in high places; regionalism and tribalism have degenerated to crisis proportions; security has completely broken down; all kinds of infrastructure can hardly be repaired; the kwacha has deteriorated; the quality of education has declined drastically; the university has suffered unwarranted closures; drug shortages in hospitals have been recurrent; and the working relationship between Christian Health Association of Malawi (CHAM) and the government has hardly been harmonious. The list of UDF’s failures is endless. The message to every well intentioned Malawian is obvious; we cannot afford to give the UDF leadership yet another chance, for to do so will be to sanctify corruption, nepotism, hunger, inflation, crime, drug shortage and violence. We need to objectively take stock of the political, economic and social developments and judge for ourselves the gains and losses we have accrued and incurred during the last five years of UDF administration. It is indisputable that the country’s constitutional provisions are highly propitious to rapid social, political and economic development; but the policies and strategies pursued by the UDF are ill informed, incoherent, rudimentary, fragmented and divisive. The contemporary economic, social and political problems are therefore the inevitable consequences of a myopic, corruptible and ill equipped government. During this period, the MCP as the dominant official opposition, has carefully studied Malawi’s potential fortunes in political, social and economic spheres. This manifesto therefore embodies insights, strategies and policies that will guide an MCP government in its envisaged task of reconciliation, reconstruction and development. The MCP laments the magnitude of damage the UDP has inflicted on the social, political and economic foundations of the country during its five year term. The primary task of an elected MCP government will therefore be to reconcile all the divergent political, economic and social forces to work for the common good of  Mother Malawi, reconstruct the basic pillars for a vibrant economy and develop the Malawi nation. The MCP is thus adequately braced to usher Malawi into the 21st Century as a politically stable, economically prosperous, socially healthy and a technologically competitive economy. To successfully achieve this grand vision for the country, the MCP remains committed to the propagation of a vibrant democratic Malawi nation. Our democracy is yet to get firmly entrenched. Hence the MCP will nurture the development of a robust democratic culture, foster unfettered enjoyment and exercise of human rights and democratic freedoms. The ultimate goal for the MCP is to fully consolidate and institutionalise the democratic traditions that are a catalyst for progress, peace and stability. In order for Malawians to partake the fruits of political and economic adjustments the country has been undergoing in the recent years, there is need to put in place a sound and prudent administration. The MCP is well equipped with sound insights, strategies and policies to make Malawi a better nation once again. Let us rise and restore the pride of our nation. It is now or never!


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