AFORD Manifesto 2009 Malawi

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ALLIANCE FOR DEMOCRACY (AFORD) (from the Original document)

MANIFESTO OF 2009 – 2014

Investing in our People

Message of Hope from the President to All Malawians: Investing in our people

Fellow Malawians,

Together through struggle we attained our freedom. The days of death and darkness are long gone. The light of freedom we have is challenging the departed darkness of a single dictatorship; and the dark days of despair have given way to AFORD as season of hope. Fifteen years ago today, Malawians ushered in a government of the people that removed the terrible system of the single party dictatorship. Our central challenge for the next 5 years is to use the experience we have gained, the policies we have put in place and the institutions of democracy we caused to create, to bring about even greater change than Malawi has achieved in the past 15 years. We must therefore act together in conditions of social discipline further in order to give a rebirth to a Malawi committed to the respect of Human rights, the rule of law, democratic governance and adherence to a market economy where government and the private sector are genuine and pragmatic partners in the process of development. Thus create a Malawi that is committed to acting together to solve the national problems that confront all of us as well as advancing of national unity and reconciliation. Today, Malawians enjoy relatively better conditions of peace and dignity. AFORD will help build a united nation where they will join hands without regard to tribe, gender, faith or colour. Each of our communities will be free at last to express its linguistic and cultural identity without discrimination. AFORD is determined to inspire a new patriotism where we can truly say Malawi belongs to all who live in it. AFORD strives to further promote the right to speak freely, to organise freely, and to criticise without fear of prosecution, torture or retribution. Should these changes we initiated in AFORD go on? Should the efforts that emerged to build a democratic country of our dreams on this continent of Africa continue? This is the key question that each of us will have to answer on the 19th May, 2009. We are certain that you will answer “Yes, we urge you to do so”, and thus joining the national partnership to build a progressive nation through intense mass mobilisation for transformation, reconstruction and development. The democratic values must go on at faster pace! VOTE AFORD so that together we can speed up the journey to a better life – a better Malawi.

– AFORD, together with people destroyed the single party dictatorship;
– AFORD led the struggle for very genuine freedom and democracy acting together with its alliance partners such as the faith community and the great majority of Malawians;
– AFORD is the only party that puts people at the centre of economic development in democratic decision making and resource allocation. There is more to be done: It is not enough to have a vote.

It is not enough for equality to be written in constitution and laws. The quest for struggle for change has to continue and must be speeded up to ensure a better life for all. There are huge difficulties that we must address: inequality, growing unemployment, crime and corruption, poverty and HIV / Aids pandemic. Arguably, only AFORD has the vision and determination to attack the root causes of these and other related problems. Over the past fifteen years of existence, AFORD has influenced the foundation for a better and democratic future.

Together with the people of Malawi AFORD has:
– Assisted to put in place a better constitutional order: Rights of all citizens are enshrined in the constitution which must guide us in building a non – racial and democratic society;
– Introduced laws which provided for change: Since 1994 AFORD influenced enactment of many laws intended for the advancement of equality and general improvement of the lives of all Malawians;
– Equal treatment of all: AFORD influenced changes in the structures of the public service and championed the affirmative action in all important social areas;
– Workers rights: Through the constitution and many laws, AFORD assisted in ensuring that the rights for all workers including farm and domestic workers are respected.
This is the great inspiration for nationhood. The principles of AFORD as expressed in our Constitution have elevated the party to a status of a political home for all Malawians with a hope to uniting in the spirit of our renewed Nationhood by our common passion for our country, mobilising the creative spirit inherent in our rich diversity towards our transformation into a prosperous nation. Our vision is inspired by a deep commitment to change the painful living conditions still affecting so many Malawians today. The majority of Malawians are still victims of the devastating effects of poverty and neglect. This deprives them of hope and relegates them to a state of despair. It destroys their capacity to achieve. This poverty is entrenched by the increasing gap between the rich and the poor, a direct result of the imbalance of the past and the current government’s performance. Indeed, as AFORD we will unite Malawians from all communities in a new political home. To this end, we will address poverty and imbalances in our society, inspired by our unifying love of our country and its people. It is our noble calling to set free the creative power inherent in our diversity and will cooperate with all stakeholders to ensure a quality life and individual freedom for every citizen based on good governance and civil order. Our call to service is premised on the core values that inspire us, namely:
– Respect for the life, dignity and human worth of every individual;
– Integrity in private and public life;
– The individual rights and freedoms enshrined in our constitution;
– Tolerance and respect for the rights and freedoms of others;
– Solidarity in the common spiritual ownership of all that is good in our country;
– National self discipline based on an acceptance that each right carries with it a corresponding and equal obligation and responsibility;
– National moral regeneration towards a clear distinction between right and wrong, between good and evil, between what is acceptable conduct and what is not;
– Economic policies based on moral values;
– Freedom of religion and worship.
AFORD believes in a responsible government. By applying a new ethical framework of incorruptibility, accountability, transparency and impartiality to our government, we will provide hope and direction for all Malawians. We must restore faith in the government and we must ignite a spirit of national pride. We are different from other political parties, because we practice and promote Malawian nationhood across all historically divided barriers, creating a new political home for Malawians. We are not another opposition party but we are the alternative government. We are standing on the threshold of a new Malawi and it is invaluable that for each one of us to look back, reflect, take stock of the past and think critically about our future. It is up to each one of us to change and steer our country into a better future.


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