DPP Manifesto 2009 Malawi

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To see the full version of the document, please click DPP Manifesto 2009 Malawi to open a pdf-file.

DEMOCRATIC PROGRESSIVE PARTY (from the Original document)



Foreword … iv
The DDP Vision … vi
The DDP Mission … vii
The DDP Pledge … viii
Chapter 1 Building One Malawi And One Nation … 1
Chapter 2 Principles and Guidelines … 4
Chapter 3 Zero Tolerance to Corruption … 6
Chapter 4 Creating New Wealth … 7
Chapter 5 Human Rights and the Rule of Law … 114
Chapter 6 Separation of Powers … 13
The Executive … 13
The Legislature … 14
The Judicature … 14
Chapter 7 Policy Reforms … 16
Principles of Good Governance … 16
Macroeconomic Policy Programming … 18
Monetary and Fiscal Policy … 18
Chapter 8 Producing Our Own Goods … 20
Chapter 9 Agriculture and Food Security … 22
Agricultural Input Subsidy Programme … 24
The Green Belt … 25
Chapter 10 Diversifying the Economy … 27
Integrated Cotton Textiles Industry … 28
Adding Value to Tobacco … 29
Increasing Sugar Exports … 29
Reorganizing the Tea Industry … 29
Developing the Paprika Industry … 30
Chapter 11 Managing our Natural Resources … 31
Chapter 12 Developing Infrasfmicture … 33
Chapter 13 Towards Gender Balance … 35
Chapter 14 Integrated Rural Development … 37
Rural Development Growth Centres … 37
Land Reallocation … 38
Empowering Rural Communities … 39
Financing Rural Development … 40
Establishing Factors in Rural Areas … 41
Chapter 15 Public Health and Social Services … 42
Managing Readily Preventable Diseases … 44
Managing the HIV and AIDS Pandemic … 44
Chapter 16 The Youth in National Development … 46
Empowering the Youth … 46
The National Youth Development Service … 47
Chapter 17 Mining and Energy … 50
Chapter 18 The Tourism Industry … 52
Chapter 19 Investment in Human Capital … 55
Basic Education … 55
The Children and the Youth … 56
Secondary, Vocational and Higher Training … 57
Chapter 20 People with Disabilities … 59
Chapter 21 The Elderly People … 61
Chapter 22 Power to the people … 62
Chapter 23 Providing wordable Housing … 64
Chapter 24 Science and Technology … 65
Chapter 25 National Capacity Building … 66
National Capacity for Governance … 66
Motivating The Civil Service … 66
The Police Service and the Defense Force … 68
Chapter 26 The Private Sector Capacity … 70
Chapter 27 The Non-Govermental Organizations … 71
Chapter 28 The Religion and the State … 72
Chapter 29 The Size of the Government … 74
Chaptcr 30 Managing the Public Debt … 76
Chapter 31 Regional Economic Cooperation … 77
Chapter 32 Internal Security … 78
Chapter 33 External Relations … 79
Chapter 34 Guarantees and Safeguards … 80


This is the Manifesto of a winning party. The establishment of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) marked a new era in the history of politics in Malawi. The DPP was established to rcstorc the confidence of the people in their Government. The people of Malawi want a government they can trust. They want a Government that can deliver. They want a government that will ensure that we, the people of Malawi believe in ourselves and take full control of our destiny. The DPP Government has delivered on its promises. Malawi effectively emerged from food begging to food self-sufficiency; Malawi has better roads, better schools and better hospitals; Malawi has successfully implemented policy reforms in the public and private sectors; Malawi has leadership with a clear vision and people know where we came from, where we are now and where we are going; Malawi, during the past five years has become one of the best managed economies in Sub-Saharan Africa. We in the DPP believe that we have the capacity to solve our own problems. We believe that Malawi will get better. During the past, Government had failed to keep its promiscs and as such people lost confidence in the political system. Similarly, the international community and the development partners had lost confidence in the Malawi Government, the political institutions and in the leadership. The DPP supports my advocacy that for a Govenment to be effective, it must enjoy the confidence and trust of the people. Those who aspire to lead others must have clean hands and be free from corruption. The DPP is established to fight underdevelopment, economic and social injustice, inequality, corruption, theft of public funds and abuse of power. It is established to serve people. We believe that leaders must lead by example and not by words. For as the saying goes: a man of words and not of deeds is like a garden full of weeds. I strongly believe that people come first. Therefore, all people in Malawi have a right to have good food, good shelter and good clothing. This is contained in the United Nations Universal Declaration on Human Rights. The preceding Governments in Malawi had failed to provide these basic needs. The DPP has a clear vision on how our people, especially the poor, can benefit from development. Our shared vision of thc DPP is that of a country in which all people are united by a common identity, a common purpose and a common destiny. It is a country where appointment to public positions are made on the basis of capability and genuine commitment to serve the people; a country where people with disabilities and the elderly have equal opportunity and are free to invest in any business or to engage in economic pursuits of their choice; a country in which people’s lives are valued; a country in which human rights and the rule of law are recognized and respected; a country in which there is freedom of worship and of association. The pillars of the DPP are prospcrity, justice and security. These in turn will help to raise the standard of living and the welfare of all people. We in the DPP believe that if a government does not care about people, it has no right to govern. Therefore, our shared vision is that of a country in which endemic poverty or preventable diseases are eliminated; a country in which all people are given the opportunity to learn to read and write; and a country in which people’s stand and on their own feet and are able to feed themselves. This Manifesto represents the shared vision of a party that is both democratic and progressive. It is a party with leaders that work for the good of the people and not to promote their self-interests. It is a party where leaders are freely elected by the people based on competence, capacity and dedication to serve. On behalf of the Democratic Progressive Party, I am happy to invite all Malawi citizens within and outside the country, to join the winning party, the DPP and to participate in the political, economic and social development of our country. I also cordially welcome Malawi citizens of European, American, Asian and Arabic descent who have made their home in Malawi or who are residing here, to join DPP so that we can build our country together for the benefit of our children, our grandchildren and for all generations to come.



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