MMD Manifesto 1996 Zambia

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To see the full version of the document, please click MMD Manifesto 1996 Zambia to open a pdf-file.

MMD Manifesto 1996 (from the Original document)

Changing Zambia for Good!

Movement for Multiparty Democracy

The better way

The Hour has Come


Contents … Page

1. Manifesto Keynote … 1
2. Economic Policy and Objectives … 3
2.1. Economic Strategy … 3
2.2. Setting the PRIORITIES RIGHTS … 3
2.3. Key Economic Objectives … 3
3. Macro-economic Programmes … 4
3.1. Private Sector Development and Investor Confidence … 4
3.2. Privatisation … 5
3.3. Fiscal Policy … 5
3.4. Monetary Policy … 6
3.5. Public Debt … 6
4. Sectoral Economic Programmes … 7
4.1. Agriculture … 7
4.2. Mining and Mineral Resources … 8
4.3. Commerce and Industry … 9
4.3.1. Micro and Small Enterprises (MSE’s) … 10
4.3.2. Manufacturing … 11
4.3.3. Trade … 11
4.4 Tourism, Wildlife, Arts, Culture and Sport … 11
4.5. Land … 12
5. Social Delivery Systems … 13
5.1. Social Services … 13
5.1.1. Education … 13
5.1.2. Health … 14
5.1.3. Social Welfare … 15
5.1.4. Labour … 15
5.1.5. Environmental Protection and Pollution Control … 16
5.2. Human Resources Specific … 16
5.2.1. Women in Development … 16
5.2.2. Children and Youth … 17
5.3. Infrastructure … 18
5.3.1. Transport System … 18 Roads … 18 Ground Transport … 19 Railways … 19 Shipping and Harbours … 19 Air Transport – Aviation … 20
5.3.2. Housing … 20
5.4. Utilities … 21
5.4.1. Energy … 21
5.4.2. Water and Sewerage … 22
5.4.3. Telecommunications … 23
6. Democracy and Governance … 23
6.1. Human Rights … 23
6.2. Separation of Powers … 23
6.3. Law Reform … 24
6.4. Crime and other Public Order … 24
6.5. Religion … 24
6.6. The Public Service … 25
6.7. Fiscal Discipline … 25
6.8. Local Government … 26
6.9. Traditional Rulers … 27
6.10. The Mass Media … 27
7. Foreign Affairs … 28
8. MMD, our political Party … 29

1. Manifesto Key Note
We, the people of Zambia, have the historic opportunity to use the power of our vote in 1996 to change Zambia for good. We need to reaffirm our commitment consolidate the gains we have made in our economy, to learn from our experiences as well as make it a year of real deliverance from joblessness and hopelessness to productivity and social security for all. 1996 marks MMD’s Second Agenda for enhancing our democratic dispensation with the people. Your vote, wisely used, will ensure that out of the ashes of the past, Zambia will be endowed with renewed confidence, determination and hope to face the challenges of the twenty-first century. The alternative to the MMD policies would be a return to irresponsible governance We know that means deepening economic crisis, continuing deterioration in the quality of life of our people, and loss of international investor confidence which characterised UNIP communist-style governance. Neither UNIP nor any other opposition political party possess the vision nor the quality and bold leadership for political policies that would attract talented Zambians, committed to the people’s purpose, who can bring to the management of the nation’s affairs, new ideas, new attitudes and innovative strategies. Today’s rapidly changing economic and political environment, globally and regionally require the bold leadership displayed by the MMD. Zambia does not need “cut-and-run-leaders” with questionable Party Manifestos. It is against this background that the Movement for Multiparty Democracy formulated in 1991 and now continues to implement a comprehensive economic reconstruction programme that is, in essence, a people’s agenda. That is, in essence, geared to productivity. That is, in essence, real and not party-political job creation. That is, in essence, encouraging individual enterprise. That is, in essence, creating vocational opportunity for our youth, besides assisting the most vulnerable of our citizens. There have been constraints and different costs, but a sound foundation for a viable prosperity for our future generations has been laid down. Our manifesto is responsive to the concerns raised by the people, in their neighbourhoods and settlements, in the city and in the rural areas, by the young and the old throughout the country that make the nation of Zambia. We have responded to these concerns, not by sloganeering or creating false ethnocentric promises that will serve to divide rather than unite Zambia. But we have responded to these concerns, by creating a stake holder economy guided by national economic and social principles. In this manifesto any one Zambian from any geocultural part of Zambia is equal to any other Zambian. Zambia is a united Republic. The MMD Government is committed to honouring this manifesto. We present it to the Zambian people as a shared political dispensation. The MMD in government will continue to restore human dignity and national pride. We will vigorously pursue our new democratic culture with the people’s interest above that of any politician. During the election campaign, our candidates will continue to discuss the issues that affect the lives and the spirit of the people. A party such as UNIP, which in its quarter of a century in power, ravaged the economy and systematically reduced our people to dependency on politicians, cannot be trusted. It would be folly to think that UNIP and its political allies in the opposition would be capable of coming up with effective policies and programmes to address the serious challenges facing the country now and in the future. It is for this reason that the MMD will work to ensure that every Zambian will have the opportunity to be all that he or she wants to be. We shall ensure that every Zambian shares in the human desire to stand on it’s own feet and to progress in an open society fuelled by a market-driven economy that has a social conscience. There is every reason to believe that the people will act decisively on election day in 1996 to reject the UNIP and other opposition parties, bereft of ideas, looking forward to the past, intent on sentencing the people of Zambia to a 5 year term under cliques whose dominant concern has been the pursuit of individual gain instead of serving the people’s best interest. Zambia is not yet condemned to a monarchy of Kaunda and his sons. From all eradications, election day 1996 will signal a historic victory of the people of Zambia once again as they demonstrate to the world their political judgement and maturity, a desire for a peaceful and prosperous country. The MMD Government has built a solid foundation in its first term in office for job creation. The MMD Government has built a solid foundation in its first term in office for economic growth. It has been hard but it has been done. We need to march on ahead beyond 1996 together. Countrymen and women, I urge you to vote for the MMD candidate in your Constituency. MMD is still the best alternative. Together, we shall win.



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