UDF Manifesto 2009 Malawi

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To see the full version of the manifesto, please click UDF 2009 Manifesto Malawi to open a pdf-file.


UDF Manifesto 2009 (from the Original document)

Prosperity with Accountability

UDF Alliance Plan for Government

Manifesto Contents

Message from His Excellence Dr Bakili Muluzi … 5


1. Guaranteeing an Ethical Governance Agenda … 7
2. Fostering Prosperity, Eradicating Poverty … 13
3. Consolidating Agriculture, Fisheries and Livestock … 19
4. Advancing Quality Healthcare … 23
5. Delivering Quality Education … 29
6. Creating Opportunities for Employment … 37
7. Investing in Infrastructure … 39
8. Ensuring State Security and Fighting Crime … 47
9. Encouraging Manufacturing, Trade, ICT, Mining and Financial Services … 51
10. Promoting Tourism … 57
11. Advocating Affordable Housing and Effective and Management … 59
12. Prioritising Investment in Water, Sanitation and Irrigation … 63
13. Devolving Power and Providing Efficient Public Services … 67
14. Promoting Gender Equality … 71
15. Empowering our Youth … 75
16. Valuing People with Disabilities, Orphans and the Aged … 77
17. Promoting Heritage, Culture, Sports and a Free Media … 79
18. Cherishing or Environment … 83
19. Maximising the Potential of our Diaspora … 87
20. Establishing a Progressive Pan African and Foreign Policy … 89
Personal Message from The UDF National Chairman

Dear Fellow Malawians

We are pleased to share with you this blueprint for creating a prosperous, democratic, equitable and united Malawi. This is more than a manifesto, it is a statement of our faith in UDF’s ability to reclaim, transform and develop our beloved nation. Indeed, it is the seal of our covenant with the Malawian people. We outline UDF’s programme to create wealth and expand opportunities. We will usher real and fundamental changes that guarantee and defend our hard-earned freedoms and a restoration of the Rule of Law. We desire a Malawi where people have the greatest possible control over their own lives. This can be achieved through a government that truly responds to the wishes of local communities – where decisions are taken close to those they affect by representatives chosen by the people who will have real power to shape the places they live. Our proposals for accountability, dispersal of political power, decentralisation of public services and support for local communities will help to reduce inequality. UDF’s pursuit of equity is a precondition of freedom and social justice. We will preside over an inclusive government that is not fuelled by political envy and the settling of old political scores. UDF is foremost a Party of ideas and ideals. It will be ambitious on achievements of its economic and social goals. These plans form the pillars of our bridge to Malawi’s bright and prosperous future and we reaffirm our faith in your love for this great country. Trust us and we will not let you down.  God bless you; God bless Malawi.

H. E. Dr Bakili Muluzi
National Chairman


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