Public holiday in South Africa

April 22, 2009 at 06:22 Leave a comment

Today, a  public holiday in South Africa, the forth elections take place since the ending of apartheid. More than 23 Mio. people (of approx. 30 Mio. at the age over 18 years) have registered. To register for elections seems to be a barrier for 25 percent of possible voters. Why does political campaiging leaks to motivate these 7 Mio. people? How many people are registered but wont vote? A look at the statistics on voter participation of the past (IEC and EISA) offers a loss of 25 percent for registration and an additional amount which is registered but does not attend the elections. For this year elections can be expected a voter turnout of 70 to 75 percent, which is around 50 percent of total electorate. 50 percent participation is not bad compared to other nations, like in US or Switzerland, but it is not over average. Nethertheless these figures show a trend of decreasing participation. So again, why does political campaigning leaks to motivate 50 percent of the electorate? Does it mean, political campaigning demotivates people? Does politics of the previous legislation(s) demotivate people? Or, does people resign on political future? Are they expecting certain results, which are pre-electoral announced by newspapers and polls, and willing to fulfil these? The elections today assign the parliament and government of the next five years. On the one hand, one single vote of 30 Mio. has an impact of 1 to 30 Mio., which is in mathematical terms like zero impact. On the over hand, voters should keep in mind, that today is the first day of more than 1.800 days with the (not) elected parliament.


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